March 20, 2018

Climate Change and Energy Transitions- A Global Dilemma

Climate Change and Energy Transitions- A Global Dilemma:

Not surprisingly, we are fighting against a climatic change. After human advancement started, every era has left the following planet like the one it acquired. Our era might be the first to abandon that custom. The temperature of the earth is increasing at an exponential rate. Moreover, the rising pattern in temperature is uneven and the temperature of the earth is expected to increase by 6 degrees at the end of this century. In the near future, geographically the oceans are expanding and continents are shrinking. There is a greater threat of low islands to be inundated by the waves. Several other questions still linger on, such as threats to ecosystems, wildlife protection and alternative energy sources.

Dwindling Reserve of Oil and Climate Concerns:

During the past few decades, oil overtook coal and became the world’s leading source of energy. There was a boom in the energy industry with the rapid expansion supply of cheap oil. Furthermore, today our civilization is heavily dependent on an energy resource whose reserves are declining. The world oil reserves are declining and organizations are switching towards sustainable alternate energy resources. The dwindling reserve of oil is not the only potential concern, but the use of oil is escalating climate concerns too. With this, the era is now witnessing climate change and energy transitions.

Shell- Switching to Sustainable Solutions:

Many organizations pertaining to the production of oil and natural gas are now switching to sustainable solutions. The global leader in oil and gas industry, Shell has appreciated the importance of climatic change and has realized a big challenge for society and a company like Shell to provide energy by significant reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. The world’s vitality framework has been advancing for whatever length of time that humankind has been blazing fuel for the sake of advancement.

Understanding the Dynamics of Climate Change and Energy Transitions

Yet, late occasions require speedier change, to quicken a time of move in the vitality blend. The move will include more vitality differing qualities and less natural effect. The organization has prepared themselves for the global challenges that are yet to come by investing in low carbon energy future. In the long term, the plan to develop a profitable and a sustainable new energy business. The stock trends of Shell global are thriving where the organization has taken some wise initiatives in investing low carbon emissions such as replacing 263 coal-powered sources with zero carbon sources, installing 275,225 wind turbines and removal of 211 million vehicles on the road.

The Future of Climate Change and Energy Transitions:

It is clearly not possible to shift the energy systems in such a short time span. Therefore, both oil and natural gas can work alongside zero carbon emissions, energy alternatives in order to provide greater versatility, reliability and sustainability.


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